For Parents

For Parents

Team and Individual pictures. Photo packets were handed out to each coach at the coach meetings. The photos will be taken on the South side of Meyer Park by the baseball fields. The photos will be taken at Burroughs south of field 3,4,5. Look for a White tent. Picture form

COACHES: PLEASE BRING A SOCCER BALL FOR PHOTOS – These photo days will be open-house, first-come, first-served. Please allow about 30-40 minutes to assemble, check in and have your photos taken. At least one hour before your game is recommended. Please note the beginning and ending times of the photo sessions below. The busiest photo times are usually 8-11:30am, please plan accordingly.

Team and individual pictures Saturday, October 28  – Meyer Park – 7:00 am until 2:00 pm for all teams

Makeup Team and individual pictures Saturday, November 11  – Meyer Park – 9:00 am until 12:00 noon for all teams

Makeup Team and individual pictures Saturday, November 18  – Meyer Park – 9:00 am until 12:00 noon for all teams

Team and individual pictures Saturday, October 21 – Burroughs Park – 7:00 am until 1:00 pm for any team that is at Burroughs that day

WADE’S PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. 281-353-1819 email:

Technical Skills Training Programs – Klein Soccer Club
Klein Soccer Club, in partnership with Challenge Soccer Club and Klein Select Soccer, proudly offer technical training programs in addition to our recreational and select programs. The technical training sessions are broken into two developmental levels for children, ages 6–10, and uses a curriculum…

Klein Soccer Club is a non-profit recreational youth soccer league that offers a wide array of programs for children, ages 4–19.

Our organization provides a fun sports environment that allows children to develop a love for physical activity and fitness, while learning the value of good sportsmanship, teamwork and respect. Unlike other youth sports organizations in the area, all monies are reinvested into our operating budget and go toward field maintenance, uniforms, coaches training and certified referees.

Because of the quality of our organization, many parents who played as children now coach their own children here. In fact, the biggest compliment to Klein Soccer Club’s 30–plus year history and philosophy is our second-generation of coaches and parents.

Recreational Game Formats

As a purely recreational league, scores are not kept for children ages U4–U6. Additionally, children in this age bracket play on a smaller field with a 5 versus 5 format (no goal keepers), which promotes more touches on the ball and a more exciting environment for the child.

From ages U7–U8, score keeping and referees are introduced. The field becomes larger and an additional player is added for a 6 v 6 format (includes goal keeper). Ages U9–U10 move to a larger field with 7 v 7 format, and goalies. Ages U11-U12 move to a larger field with 9 v 9 format. From ages 13–19, children progress to an 11 v 11 format, and play on a full-size soccer field.

This progression of smaller teams at younger ages helps develop each child’s coordination, ability and overall confidence. Additionally, we have a progression of coach’s training that helps coaches teach age-appropriate drills and fun games for practice.