For Referees

For Referees

To become (or be re-certified as) a referee or United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Official, you’ll first need to complete a clinic through the South Texas Soccer Referees (STSR). Registration may be done online and yearly re-certification is required to maintain good standing. 

Klein will be offering entry level grade 8 hybred classes on
8/15/15, 9/20/15, 10/18/15.

Once you’ve registered with STSR, please contact Ralph Greco, our head of referees, to schedule your hands-on field training.


Whether you’re a new referee or need a quick refresher, we’ve compiled a variety of helpful resources to help you officiate.

Laws of the Game

USSF Match Booking Report

Code of Ethics

KSC Game Report

New Referee Advice

Guide to Procedures