Practice Fields

Practice Field Policy

Field Maintenance Closure:

The North side fields will open for practices on TBA.
The South side fields will open for practices on TBA.

KSC Guarantees each team 1/2 of a field for practice once a week at Meyer Park for the entire season.

Practice field sign-ups are held at the coach meetings. Each team can sign up for one (age specific) field for the season per team.

Fields cannot be reserved on the weekends, even before the season starts.
When requesting a practice field, please provide the following information:

  • Coach’s name and phone number
  • Team #
  • Age Group
  • Option 1 Practice Day & Time
  • Option 2 Practice Day & Time

Once all teams are assigned a field for the regular season, scheduling is done. This will be about 3 weeks after the season starts. If weather conditions force field closures at Meyer Park or you have to cancel due to another reason, we do not schedule make-ups for practice fields.

This includes daylight-saving time. Please do not ask for practice field changes when the time changes.

Teams are welcome to utilize any of the remaining open fields for additional practices and/or makeup games. Availability to use any of the remaining open fields is done on a first come, first served basis and CANNOT be reserved.

Exception: Rescheduled games will take priority on any open fields. These games must be visible on the schedule.
Our recommendation is to find an alternative location like a school, church or subdivision that has a field to hold your make-up or second practice. You don’t need a field at Meyer Park to run a practice.

To report field maintenance issues, please contact Troy Brooks

To request a practice field, please contact Troy Brooks

Practice Field Schedules

Meyer Park North Side

Meyer Park South Lighted